Know Your Intent Before You Buy Digital Camera

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Know Your Intent Before You Buy Digital Camera

Thursday, March 6th, 2008    Subscribe To Our Feed

The digital camera industry evolves at such rate, that when you buy brand new digital camera, it pretty soon becomes old. Features such as optical zoom, storage capacity are on constant improvement and even the digital cameras themselves are becoming more and more compact. It may require some research to determine which digital camera will fit your needs, so conducting some due diligence is essential before you set foot in a store.

A several retail electronic websites have areas where customers leave their feedback on the equipment they buy so don’t skip this important step when you buy. Additionally, before shopping to buy digital cameras, take a look on Consumer Reports and even such technical websites like for product review and consumers feedback, because it really can help you with your decisions.

What’s The Main Question You Should Ask Yourself?

Before you go off to buy digital cameras, ask yourself exactly how you plan to use a digital camera. Knowing your intent can determine which camera you get so you donít want to purchase stuff, that has too many bells and whistles you wonít ever use. In addition, you need to decide how much money you are willing to spend on the camera before a salesperson pins you down.

Point And Shoot Versus Single Lens Reflex Digital Cameras

For most people in the market to buy digital cameras, the question of whether to buy a point and shoot camera versus a single lens reflex camera (digital SLR) is rather easy as digital SLR cameras are for the serious hobbyist and professional photographer, who want total control over each picture. With the digital SLR cameras, you have to focus the shots yourself as nothing is automatic and these cameras can be connected to telescopes and microscopes also.

With point and shoot digital cameras, you do not have to worry about focusing as everything is done automatically. You also do not have to fuss with adjusting the color or lighting as most point and shoot digital cameras automatically will flash as needed. In addition, point and shoot digitals hook up easily to the computer, even without software in most cases, although the cameras do come with it. Basically, the point and shoots are just easy to use and there is not too much you have to think about Ė just point and click.

Other Options To Consider

When you buy digital cameras, after choosing the point and shoot versus the digital SLR, you have to consider resolution (mega pixels), optical zoom and storage capacity. For the most part, these options will be the ones that dictate price so it is important you know how much you are willing to spend before you shop in person. Obviously when you buy a digital camera, the better the resolution and optical zoom, the better the quality of pictures will be. When it comes to storage capacity, you can always buy extra flash memory cards so that you can take as many pictures as you like.

In review, to buy digital cameras, you have to decide between whether you want to have a point and shoot automatic camera or a digital SLR that requires constant manipulation. Additionally, you would want to know your budget, to prevent salespeople from trying to manipulate you. Finally, you want to find a camera that has the highest resolution and best optical zoom, that not only your budget will allow but also that you will be using. Itís a major financial decision to buy digital cameras so remember, practice due diligence first.

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