Canon Digital Cameras – The Beginning

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Canon Digital Cameras – The Beginning

Saturday, May 10th, 2008    Subscribe To Our Feed

Let’s look back in history shall we?

In 1933 three Japanese together began a company known as Precision Optical Instruments Laboratory. It later became known as Canon and gained fame throughout the world.

The initial Kwanon, Japan's first domestically made 35mm focal-plane shutter cameraKwanon” was a prototype phantom of the Canon cameras to hit the market which may not have been like the far more superior as well as costly German cameras that were almost the norm in cameras of those times, but were good enough to compete with those better known German cameras.

This has led Goro Yoshida along with his two friends to come out with the 35mm rangefinder cameras which were sold under the name “Kwanon” and were less costly.

The Lack Of Lens

To make for the lack of its own lenses for its cameras, the company tied up with Nippon Kogaku Kogyo, the forerunner of yet another famous Japanese camera company called Nikon and the first camera sold commercially by Canon was named the Hansa Canon which hit the market in 1936 and which was an instant hit.

Later after WWII, the company was christened Canon and therefore began the slow expansion which saw the creation of many historic cameras like Serener, Canonet as well as EOS. The first of its many Canon digital cameras was released to market in 1996 and this was the Powershot 600, and after incorporating many more advanced features, the next great Canon digital camera that hit the market in 1998 was the EOS D2000 digital SLR followed by yet another innovative product known as XL1.

These Canon digital cameras all had excellent functionality and were very reliable as well, while the XL1 proved its value by being chosen by NASA as its official digital video camcorder.

Canon came out with the EOS D60 in the year 2002 and the EOS 10D a year later when there was a need to provide customers with Canon digital cameras that were cost effective and which had advanced functionality.

The aforementioned models took the market by storm leading to Canon digital cameras becoming the leaders in digital cameras, and when in the year 2003, another Canon digital camera in the form of EOS Kiss Digital came out, its success was a foregone conclusion, which helped make Canon the foremost name when it came to digital cameras.

Not content to sit back on its laurels, Canon keeps continuously lowering their digital cameras prices and incorporating better technology in order to retain its market position.

Canon digital cameras are also first choice of professional photographers thanks to the wide range of models available in the market today.

Digital Cameras And Analog Cameras Sales Trend

I have to admit that i have noticed the bigger digital cameras market saturation in recent years. By looking at current year’s prices and comparing them to last year’s prices, i can tell that more advanced digital cameras models appear pushing away older models from shop shelves making them cheaper.

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