The Advantage Of Digital Cameras Over Traditional Cameras

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The Advantage Of Digital Cameras Over Traditional Cameras

Wednesday, March 5th, 2008    Subscribe To Our Feed

Digital CamerasDespite the fact that progress is usually a quick and expedited process, the progress in the world of cameras was basically minimal because while the mechanics of the cameras would streamline over time, the chemical process of developing film had not changed for many decades and it did not appear that the process would ever change.

However this of course proved to be a false opinion as the advent of digital cameras forever changed the landscape of cameras.

The Cost Effectiveness of Digital Cameras

When digital cameras begun appearing, some people were a bit intimidated by the price and, since common cameras were a lot cheaper, some opted to be with traditional camera. That is, they stuck with traditional cameras until they understood, that the cost of developing film will eventually reach the point that they could have purchased a multitude of digital cameras!

Soon, when people realized that digital cameras while expensive to purchase were basically much cheaper than traditional cameras due to the elimination of the need to develop film, it was only a matter of time before the sales of common cameras would nosedive. Of course, this is to say nothing of the fact that not only was their no need to pay for the development of the film, there was also no need to purchase film as digital cameras record images on a hard drive or memory card.

The Quality of Digital Cameras

In addition to the cost effectiveness, a digital camera had a huge leg up on traditional cameras in the sense that the picture quality of a digital image was significantly better than the picture quality of a traditional film camera. The resolution of the digital camera was not only better, but the colors could also be altered. In fact, a color picture could also easily be changed to black and white!

The Video Option

Many digital cameras also offered brief recording capabilities, that are 30 seconds or so of video images. This remains a far cry from digital camcorders, but still this is a nice little add on to a camera and a function that is more worth having than not. Traditional camera does not have any video function and that is another reason why digital cameras blow them away in the popularity division.

While it is a shame to notice the traditional cameras fall from grace so to speak, it is also understandable that new products bring with them efficiency and progress. As such, the advent of the digital camera spelled the great dawning of a new day.

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